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aluminum snap frame Advertising edge lit LED slim light box

Product Description Aluminum frame slim led light box, frame is made o

Single-sided Crystal light box, Slim Light Box

Product Description Specifications of this slim crystal light box:1. A

ISO/TS 16949 certification service

Product Description The ISO/TS 16949 standard was developed to decreas

VACP Certification service

Product Description The National Conference of Weights and Measures ha

ISO22000 FSMS certification service

Product Description The ISO 22000:2005 standard outlines Food safety m

ISO13485 certification service

Product Description There is probably no other industry where the impo

OHSAS18001 certification service

Product Description Occupational Health & Safety is a subject that mus

ISO14001 certification service

Product Description ISO 14000 is a family of ISO standards that applie

ISO/IEC 27001 certification service

Product Description ISO 27001 is the international standard for Inform

BRC CP Certification service

Product Description What are the benefits of certification to the Stan

China Overview

GDP (official exchange rate)

$11.23 trillion (2016 est.)

GDP -per capita (PPP)

$21.29 trillion (2016 est.)


world leader in gross value of industrial output; mining and ore processing, iron, steel, aluminum, and other metals, coal; machine building; armaments; textiles and apparel; petroleum; cement; chemicals; fertilizer; consumer products (including footwear, toys, and electronics); food processing; transportation equipment, including automobiles, railcars and locomotives, ships, aircraft; telecommunications equipment, commercial space launch vehicles, satellites


$1.99 trillion (2016 est.)


electrical and other machinery, including computers and telecommunications equipment, apparel, furniture, textiles


US 18.2%, Hong Kong 13.8%, Japan 6.1%, South Korea 4.5% (2016)


$1.495 trillion (2016 est.)


electrical and other machinery, including integrated circuits and other computer components, oil and mineral fuels; optical and medical equipment, metal ores, motor vehicles; soybeans


South Korea 10%, Japan 9.2%, US 8.5%, Germany 5.4%, Australia 4.4% (2016)